Cabaret of the Grotesque

A Master Adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Cabaret of the Grotesque: A Master Adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Cabaret of the Grotesque: A Master Adventure

Every city has its secrets, and the one in which Underside sprawls is no different. People make signs against evil and visibly shudder whenever the dark neighborhood is mentioned, for they know it as a lawless warren of the disaffected, misfits, freaks, and outcasts. Rumors concerning the goings-on in Underside run the gamut: from tales of giant rats stealing unattended children; to vicious gangs free to do as they will; to the mysterious Crimson King, who puts on a sinister show known as the Cabaret of the Grotesque. Underside has few defenders, and though the people forced to live in this neighborhood endure terrible hardships and suffering, they have nowhere else to go. But as evil’s influence grows on the streets and the shadows darken, some believe that Underside’s time is coming to an end and that steps must be taken to reclaim this wayward community and put a stop to the unchecked horror worming its way through the lives of the innocent and guilty alike.

Cabaret of the Grotesque is a Shadow of the Demon Lord adventure for a group of master characters who are drawn into the seedy underbelly of a large city. As they explore Underside, the group can uncover many threats to the good of the city beyond. If they choose right, they might change the city’s course. If they choose wrong, they might doom the entire world!

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