Madness in Freeport: A Master Adventure for Freeport

Madness in Freeport: A Classic Freeport Adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Madness in Freeport: A Master Adventure for FreeportMadness in Freeport concludes The Freeport Trilogy in this thrilling adventure set in the grand City of Adventure. The unveiling of Milton’s Folly draws near, and the player characters must uncover its sinister secrets before time runs out. This time they face more than back alley toughs and mindless undead, though. Sea Lord Drac has his eyes on the PCs, and they may not survive his malefic attentions.

Although this adventure completes the story that began in Death in Freeport, you can run this adventure as a standalone scenario, using it to introduce Freeport to master characters.

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