Black Book EditionsWe’re delighted to announce that in addition to the Portuguese edition of Shadow of the Demon Lord being in the works, our friends at Black Book Editions is launching a French translation of the game. You can find the details in French here, but here’s what they have to say in English:

As many might already now, here at Black Book Editions we love fantasy settings. So when D&D, Numenera and Warhammer veteran Robert Schwalb announced that he was developing his own game, we were certainly intrigued! After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, we all got to discover Shadow of the Demon Lord –  and we weren’t deceived! A simple to grasp system that offers lots of possibilities and a dark setting that will highlight those heroic moments of your characters (as long as they can resist the corruption of course…), the ones who have the force and will to oppose the Demon Lord! We were hooked and we are now proud to announce our partnership with Schwalb Entertainment to bring this game to France in 2017, starting off with a selection of its best adventures and rules supplements available so far! We will soon be walking in the shadows together!

I’m super excited to be teamed up with these guys and I know they will do an excellent job spreading the shadow across the world!