Black Sun Dawn: Legacy of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Black Sun Dawn | Legacy of Shadow | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGThe Cabal of the Black Sun stands as one of the more recent examples of a concerted effort to forestall death. A society made up of deranged wizards and other users of magic, they plunged headlong into darkness after recovering the fabled Black Sun Manuscript, an ancient tome brimming with evil. Using the writings as the basis for their study, they conducted unspeakable experiments, spawning horrors beyond imagining as they sought to find the key to immortality.

Black Sun Dawn reveals this dreaded society, exposing their mad designs and the deranged products of their wicked labors. With this installment of Legacy of Shadow, you can introduce a new threat, one that would reshape the world into its own vile image.

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In the Emperor’s Secret Service: Legacy of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Emperor's Secret Service: Legacy of ShadowIn the Emperor’s Secret Service reveals a clandestine organization founded to look after the Empire’s interests. Called the Compact, this group strives to maintain stability and stay ahead of the Empire’s enemies. With the Empire in turmoil and the Orc King Drudge seated on the Alabaster Throne, the Compact struggles to put right what has gone horrifically wrong. With this supplement, you can introduce a whole new element of intrigue into your Shadow of the Demon Lord campaigns!

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Scions of the Betrayer for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGThousands of years ago on the continent of Rûl, the son of the Faerie Queen Titania defied his mother’s will by involving himself and his faerie followers in mortal affairs, allying with the First People to wage war against the invading Edene. Forever condemned by Titania as a traitor to faeriekind, the Betrayer, as he came to be known, turned to the Devil to bargain for his aid in defeating the Edene. But this deal proved to be a terrible mistake, as Diabolus dithered and balked at issuing forth his hogmen legions from Hell, giving the Edene God-Queen Umessa time to slay the Betrayer in battle and scatter the elf-lord’s followers throughout the continent.

In defeat, the Betrayer’s followers suffered the enormity of their leader’s bargain, finding themselves forever stained, sullied, and corrupted. Transformed into hideous thralls of Hell, these darklings have hidden in Rûl’s shadows, forced by the Betrayer’s pact with the Devil to corrupt and lead mortals into damnation. But as the Demon Lord’s shadow spreads over the Urth, these wicked faeries find themselves drawn out of their exile in darkness, either to take up arms against the common threat or to join forces with the Hunger in the Void to bring an end to their suffering.

Scions of the Betrayer kicks off a new series of supplements for Shadow of the Demon Lord that reveal the forgotten peoples, places, and relics littering the lands of Rûl. Scions examines the darklings, warped faeries forever bound to serve the Devil, and makes them available to players as a new ancestry and to Gamemasters as a dreadful new foe.

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