Horrific Parasites: Monstrous Pages

Get Ready for Horrific Parasites!

Horrific Parasites: Monstrous PagesLurking in dark alleyways or hiding in plain sight on bustling streets, the enigmatic and damned creatures known as harvesters stalk and murder the innocent to fulfill peculiar needs. Named for their acts of killing and surgically removing organs, bones, and skin from their victims, harvesters have been horrific parasites on civilization for millennia.

Harvester bodies are literal patchworks of organs, limbs, and bones, none of which are their original parts. When an organ begins to fail, a harvester removes the damaged, diseased, or aged one, replacing it with one from a healthy “donor.” This grotesque practice grants them near immortality as they do not appear to age in any traditional sense—some harvesters are hundreds, even a thousand, years old—dying off only when they are caught and killed or when they are unable to replace a critical, failed organ.

Because harvesters never venture away from cities and towns, there is always ready supply of fresh organs from the unwitting populace. This entry in the Monstrous Pages series examines the harvesters and lays bare their secrets, revealing their origins, practices, and place in the lands of Rûl. Using the lore and rules in Horrific Parasites helps you make harvesters even more dangerous and terrifying!

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