Lords of the Barrows: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Lords of the Barrows: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGThough the First People have vanished from the face of Rûl, their monuments remain. From the Northern Reach to the tangled woodlands of Balgrendia, one can find weathered monoliths scrawled with runes, standing stones arranged in circles, and other ancient markers that hint at the societies that once thrived in these lands. But the darkest and most sinister of these edifices are undoubtedly the barrows, for under these grassy hills sleep the dead. Although these tombs promise riches and relics, they also threaten death, for the dead lie in restless slumber and any intrusion can call their souls back from the Underworld to vex the living in bodies rotted and wrecked. And once roused, these barrow wights remain, eager to punish the living for the crimes of their ancestors.

Lords of the Barrows joins other installments of the Monstrous Pages series and examines the undead most often associated with the First People: the barrow wights and their many horrid minions. In the following pages, you’ll find details on these creatures, their legions, and their lairs. Armed with this resource, Game Masters have everything they need to bring ancient evils to the fore in their games.

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