Demon Lord’s Companion 2: A Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Demon Lord's Companion 2 for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

When compiling Demon Lord’s Companion, I relied mainly on concepts and mechanics left over from the Shadow of the Demon Lord original design. When I ended up with an overabundance of content, it became difficult to decide what would stay in Shadow and what would be held back for future supplements. A great deal of that material went into DLC, while other pieces wound up in Poisoned Pages supplements and sourcebooks such as Exquisite Agony, A Glorious Death, and Terrible Beauty.

Now, a bit over two years and over one hundred products later, my folders containing notes and bits left over from previous designs have grown empty. Rather than despair at such a situation, I took the opportunity to push the game in new directions. I looked for gaps in what we’ve released so far, scoured my shelves for inspiration, and hatched all kinds of oddities while holing up in my favorite bar to come up with an exciting selection of options for players.
One of the best ways to expand the game is through ancestries, since these options can mesh with just about everything else. Therefore, this book gives you six, each a hidden people who have largely steered clear of the major events unfolding in the world. Their scarcity and unusual nature make them quite exotic, and playing these ancestries can reward you with awesome options while challenging your roleplaying abilities.

Supporting the ancestries is a group theme mechanic to reflect the circumstances that hold a group of player characters together and rules to differentiate each group from the others.

As you might expect, this book also provides a selection of paths to cover some underused areas of character creation and development, while also supporting the new spells at the end of this book—all associated with the new traditions of Invocation, Metal, Order, and Soul. So, from invokers to sleuths, fencers to auspexes, your characters have an awesome set of new options to explore.

Demon Lord’s Companion 2 aims to help you tell stories by highlighting peoples of all kinds who find themselves engaged in the struggle to save the world from annihilation. With this book, you can create unique characters, pursue mastery of new and esoteric forms of magic, or hone your talents in new and awesome ways. This book ensures that you never run out of interesting choices to make as you battle the darkness of the Void.

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Uncertain Faith: A Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Uncertain Faith: Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord

The Secrets of the Gods Revealed!

For as long as humankind has lived on Urth, people have looked outside themselves for explanations of why they exist and what purpose they ultimately serve. They find the gods in the sky, in the earth, and even in the creatures around them. Uncertain Faith delves into the secrets of the major cults found in and around the Empire, providing players and Game Masters alike with new information to realize these organizations in play. Inside, you’ll find:

  • The Old Faith, including eight sects devoted to the Old Gods.
  • The Honored Dead of the Dwarfs
  • Witchcraft
  • The Cult of the New God
  • The Dark Gods of Blood and Iron
  • A variety of lesser religions, including the cults of the Demon Lord
  • An assortment of new spells
  • Thirteen new relics
  • An adventure for novice characters

The information contained in this sourcebook brings to life the cults and religions described in Shadow of the Demon Lord, giving you everything you need to serve or oppose these powerful institutions. Do you have the faith to face the gods?

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The Freeport Companion

A Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord Role Playing Game

Freeport Companion for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

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Approximately six hundred miles east of the Confederacy of Nine Cities lies a cluster of islands known as the Pirate Isles or, by locals, the Serpent’s Teeth. On the largest island, A’Val, stands Freeport, the City of Adventure. Founded by pirates long ago, the city has evolved beyond its criminal origins and has become a legitimate port city on the edge of the known world. Nevertheless, Freeport has had trouble shedding its reputation as a lawless, riotous place that is home to pirates, scoundrels, mad thinkers, and exiles. To be sure, such people live in the city, but Freeport is home to honest people as well—explorers, farmers, laborers, and others struggling to carve out lives for themselves far from the mainland.

The city of Freeport, created by Chris Pramas and richly detailed in a variety of sourcebooks, notably The Pirate’s Guide to Freeport, has appeared in numerous worlds and been interpreted in a variety of game systems. The city’s lasting appeal comes from its blend of high fantasy, pirates, and cosmic horror, a perfect mix for a variety of games. Now, with the Shadow of the Demon Lord Freeport Companion, you can bring the City of Adventure to Urth and use the city as a setting for new adventures or as a haven for characters who dare to sail beyond the map’s edge.

Although this supplement includes some information about the city, it is meant to be used with The Pirate’s Guide, which you can grab from, and any of the other fine sourcebooks that have revealed the city, such as Freeport: The City of Adventure for the Pathfinder roleplaying game. In addition, Green Ronin Publishing offers a variety of adventures and supplements for the setting, such as the Freeport Trilogy and Cults of Freeport.

Exploring Freeport

It’s no accident that the Pirate Isles made an appearance in Shadow of the Demon Lord. Freeport has always had a place in my heart, especially so after I joined the team at Green Ronin Publishing as a developer. Part of my job was to manage the Freeport line, and I had the distinct pleasure of helping to write The Pirate’s Guide. What grabbed me most about Freeport was the inclusion of Robert Chambers’s short story “The Yellow Sign,” a nice alternative to the Lovecraftian mythos that has long dominated the tabletop RPG scene. Add to that pirates, orcs, and weirdness, and Freeport was right up my alley. When it came time to build the world for my game, I had to leave a spot for one of my favorite fantasy cities.

Freeport does have a setting of its own, but it was always intended to be put into any fantasy world you like, whether you’re using a published one or one of your own creation. In this way, Freeport slots right into the setting described in Shadow of the Demon Lord, and much of the lore and setting details can fit in with the conflict and trouble besetting the Empire. Then again, you could leave behind Urth and embrace the full weirdness of Freeport, using the setting as described in The Pirate’s Guide in conjunction with Shadow of the Demon Lord’s rules with no trouble at all.

That said, this supplement aims at bringing Freeport into the world of the Demon Lord, and showing you how to adapt the city to fit into the story of the game. Freeport is home to elves and gnomes, humans and orcs, all living alongside each other in the chaos that passes for day-to-day life in the City of Adventure, and this certainly holds true for the Demon Lord interpretation of the city. You’ll find mad cults, cruel pirates, criminal organizations, a Wizards’ Guild, and more in these pages. All these elements and others work within the framework of Shadow’s setting, and where the two worlds don’t quite mesh, this book offers guidance to help bind them together.

The setting differences between Freeport as presented in the past and the story in Shadow are sometimes considerable, but the settings overlap in plenty of places, too. Freeport stands on the ruins of an ancient civilization sworn to the alien god, Yig, and in those ruins their debased and degenerate descendants still live. Strange cults gather in the shadows of the city, offering deranged prayers to the Unspeakable One, a menacing figure similar to the Demon Lord in many respects, and lose their sanity struggling to puzzle out the power of the Yellow Sign. Freeport under the Shadow of the Demon Lord becomes a place of mystery and horror, a city steeped in the darkness of corruption—and a perfect place in which you can launch a new campaign.

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Forbidden Rules: A New Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord!

Forbidden Rules: Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon LordForbidden Rules provides a comprehensive set of variant and optional rules for use with Shadow of the Demon Lord role playing game, letting you reshape the game in a variety of different ways. Whether you’re looking for a points-based casting system or basic rules to kick off games beyond level 10, this supplement has it. Inside this book, you’ll find:

  • Dice rules that range from cooperative tasks to consistent damage, bell curve rolls, and variants in which players make all the rolls.
  • More marks of darkness and rules for using fortune points.
  • Damage reducing armor rules
  • Wounds to replace damage
  • Modified dying and death rules
  • Variant healing methods
  • Social combat rules
  • Variant combat options, such as initiative or guidelines for running abstract combats
  • New ways to use actions in combat plus details on how to handle chases
  • Optional rules for customizing ancestries
  • A skill variant to replace professions
  • A new adept novice path
  • A system of power points to replace castings!
  • Plus much, much more!

Using the options in this book helps you tailor your Shadow of the Demon Lord role playing game experience in a variety of new and interesting ways, but even if you don’t alter the underlying system, certain options are perfect expansions for the main game. Do you have the courage to read these Forbidden Pages?

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Hunger in the Void: A Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

The world of Urth and the entire universe stand in the shadow of a dread power, a force of destruction beyond imagining. The Demon Lord, also called the Hunger in the Void, the Devourer in the Dark, and the One Foretold, draws nearer to the world, causing plagues and blights, war and upheaval, all of which harken the end times. In this supplement for Shadow of the Demon Lord, the Demon Lord and its obscene legions are revealed in all their awful glory. In these 80 foul pages, you’ll find:

  • Campaign models incorporating the various shadows of the Demon Lord
  • Details on eight vile cults sworn to serving the Demon Lord
  • Rules for joining and serving these cults, including the priest of the Demon Lord novice path
  • A selection of horrible spells used by the servants of darkness
  • Expanded information on the beastmen, including rules for creating beastmen characters
  • Extensive rules for building and customizing demons
  • Statistics for the dreaded demon princes, the chief servants of the Demon Lord
  • Rules for exploring the Void and what sorts of terrible things one might find there
  • The incarnation ancestry, body snatchers who descend to the world to fight against the Hunger in the Void

The Hunger in the Void shines a light on the most terrifying creatures and most dangerous threat in the game. For the terrible secrets it reveals and the bevy of new and unnerving options it offers, The Hunger in the Void is an essential supplement for Shadow of the Demon Lord.

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