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Best Left Buried

Best Left Buried offers dangerous adventure to a group of novice characters. The undead have come crashing out of the wastes again and again, and each time the defenders throw them back. But as the people of Scarfell—a speck of a town built in the foothills west of the Iron Peaks—are about to learn, even the lands’ dedicated defenders might not be enough.

Ship of the Dead: Expert Characters
Blood Bath at Roðrekr’s Drift: An Adventure for Expert Characters

Blood Bath at Roðrekr’s Drift is an adventure for expert characters, the sixth chapter in the Thought & Memory Saga.

Scions of Nature

Scions of Nature covers origins, communities, and options for Hamadryad characters to face off against the imminent darkness.

Shadow of the Weird Wizard Quick Play Live Play 2

Enjoy Episode 2 of Sage Dan Heinrich’s Weird Wizard live play with Adrian, Shawn, Paige, and Ben as they navigate the Quick Play adventure.