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Spells, Power, and Rank, Oh My!

When you cast a spell in Shadow of the Demon Lord, you produce a unique magical effect. To cast a spell, you must have either learned it or possess it in a written form as an incantation. If you learned it, you must also have at least one casting of the spell that is expended when […]

On the Road

Hello future! When this goes live, I will be in the thick of a travel week that began in North Carolina, wanders around Seattle in the middle, and ends in South Carolina. Instead of a big sexy write-up, how about a glimpse at the newest version of the character sheet prototype? Design goal on this […]

Magic of the Demon Lord

The “magic” of the holiday season is rapidly receding in my rearview mirror and I’m now seeing road signs for the Kickstarter launch date, which is going to happen in about ten weeks or so. The date will firm up soon. Promise. So without wasting anymore time, let’s tackle another big chunk of the game: […]

Happy Holidays!

For this week, I have decided to show off a great piece of art by Ivan Dixon created for Shadow of the Demon Lord.  The scene takes place in the heights of the Shield Mountains and features a couple of characters making their last stand against the orcs hunting them. With the holidays being bullies […]

Demon Lord: Stunts and Maneuvers

New players of fantasy roleplaying games rarely have a sense of scope about what their characters can do. How many times have you heard, “I stab him in the eye” or “I want to kick the wolfman in the nards?” No matter how robust the set of rules, such enthusiasm places the GM in a […]