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Exquisite Agony: Sourcebook

Exquisite Agony: Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG From pulpits and street corners, doomsday preachers shriek about the horrors awaiting those who walk in darkness. The druids, roaming the lands under their protection, whisper prayers to the Fair Folk to keep the dark ones at bay. Even the witches use symbols to ward against the attention of the […]


Blood Will Run: A Novice Adventure

Blood Will Run: An Adventure for Novice Characters The devils watch the mortal world from their infernal realm, always scheming to sink their claws into mortal souls, to turn people from the path of light and virtue to one of darkness and corruption. They tempt, deceive, offer unrivaled treasures and delights, and whisper terrible truths […]


Tooth and Claw: Poisoned Pages

Tooth and Claw: Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG We all wear masks. We wear them to conceal our true selves, to become what others expect us to be, navigating the murky waters of social interaction to forge relationships, find love, and avoid enemies. For most of us, masks conceal uncertainties and doubts, ambitions and desires, […]