The Scumbag’s Guide to Scrapbridge

A Setting Book for PunkApocalyptic: The RPG

Scumbag's Guide to Scrapbridge: Punkapocalyptic RPG

Welcome to Scrapbridge!

One of the rare bright spots in the Wasteland, Scrapbridge attracts roamers and wanderers, just like trash does rustmoths. Not only can anything and everything be had for a few bullets, but Scrapbridge offers safety and security from the never-ending parade of violence that defines so much of life out in the wilds. The appeal of having a place to let down your guard means every faction respects the commnunity’s rules, and here you’ll find V Reichers haunting the same watering holes as mutants, junkers dickering over the price of an evening’s entertainment in Bridge’s seedier quarters, and gangers slapping skin with their sworn enemies who, just a week prior, they were fighting against for their lives.

The first sourcebook for PunkApocalyptic: The RPG, the Scumbag’s Guide to Scrapbridge offers an in-depth look at the most important outpost in the Wasteland. You’ll find expanded descriptions of every neighborhood, details on cool places to visit, powerful friends to make, and hooks for all kinds of missions.

In addition, the book comes loaded with new backgrounds. You can now be a teacher’s pet, join the La Trini gang, or root around through the old sewers with the other tunnel wackos. Finally, this book reveals a selection of terrible and nasty things you might find in and around Scrapbridge. From the hulking mouthers to the cute and devastating punkicorns, you can kill these things or be killed by them. Rounding out this section are a number of mercenaries you might fight or hire as you make your way through the Wastelands.

A perfect expansion to one of the downright dirtiest, ugliest post-apocalyptic tabletop RPGs, it’s filled with charming writing and evocative art. You know you want it. This product is intended for people who can navigate frequent f-bombs, disgusting concepts, and who possess a juvenile sense of humor. If this doesn’t sound like you, skip the book as no one wants to deal with your complaints.