The Fear Eaters

Unspeakable Things for Shadow of the Demon Lord

The Fear Eaters kicks off a brand-new line of artist-inspired supplements for Shadow of the Demon Lord. In most other projects, I commission illustrations to support the text in the product to illustrate places, people, and other elements covered. In Unspeakable Things, the artist illustrates a monster of their own creation and I then build story and mechanics from the image. Not only does this effort give artists the freedom to create whatever disgusting and bizarre monstrosity they can imagine, it challenges me to build a story and mechanics around the illustration.

I’m thrilled to kick off this line with a piece created by my friend Mirco Paganessi. You ought to recognize his work as he’s appeared in a slew of my products and has illustrated the covers for Godless, A Glorious Death, and others as well. Mirco wasn’t messing around with this illustration and it’s glorious.

For more examples of his works, check out his page here:

Fear Eaters | Unspeakable Things for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

A Menagerie of Monsters Awaits

Monsters whose forms test the limits of imagination, creatures lost and extinct, otherworldly things and ordinary animals represent but a fraction of the unspeakable things Philothrapus the Wise’s Codex Bestiarum describes. But for today, the servants have turned the page to the phantasmagor, a monster reputed to feed on terror. This supplement, The Fear Eaters, introduces this new creature to Shadow of the Demon Lord, presenting everything you need to use as an encounter in your campaigns or the villain of an entire adventure.