Killing the Dragon

A short Shadow of the Demon Lord adventure for a group of master characters

Killing the Dragon | Adventure for Master Characters | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Sixton burns.

Two nights ago, fire rained down on the Northern Reach’s capital, incinerating nearly a third of the city and killing thousands of its citizens. Witnesses report seeing a black-scaled, winged beast—a dragon without a doubt, swooping down through the smoky skies to rake the lands with its hideous breath and snatch people, horses, and livestock in its claws and teeth, gobbling them down even as it flew. After much slaughter, the dragon winged its way south, disappearing somewhere in the Tumbledowns. The hand-wringing mayor of Sixton has offered a king’s ransom of 500 gc as a reward to whoever brings back the beast’s head. In Killing the Dragon, a group of master characters venture into the southern hills in search of a dragon to kill. The adventure ends when they slay it, they flee, or they die trying.

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