March Lands

Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

March Lands | Lands in Shadow

A land defined by war, a nation formed to protect an Empire, a place populated by some of the hardiest and most disciplined people on the continent: The March Lands is a shining example of what the Empire was founded to achieve. It brought order to a lawless land, and since the first margrave led troops into this wilderness, the province has thrown back armies of beastmen and crushed mercenary bands spilling out of the Patchwork Lands, becoming one of the most stable of the imperial holdings. But now that Drudge has seized the Alabaster Throne, the March Lands finds itself faced with a difficult decision. Should the province kneel before the usurper, or take up arms to join the fight against him?

March Lands, the latest entry in the Lands of Shadow series, details the militarized province in the southern Empire, offering insights into its history, its geography, and its people. With this supplement, you have everything you need to run adventures in this dangerous land. The March Lands has not experienced defeat in three centuries. Will it continue to stand as the Demon Lord’s shadow grows longer?

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