Defenders of the Wild: The Warden—5th Edition Supplement

Defenders of the Vale: The Warden - Schwalb Entertainment

Defenders of the Wild: The Warden for 5th Edition

Darkness creeps across the world—a blight spawned by dark magic, foul monsters, and depraved villains. In these troubled times, the world depends on heroes to take a stand against the wicked who would plunge the world into ruin, to seek out festering evil and cleanse it from the lands. Some heroes who answer adventure’s call take up arms, while others bring to bear their magical training, and joining them are the scoundrels, the holy warriors, and all the rest. Some, though, hear a different kind of calling, one that emanates from the world itself and compels them to protect the very earth on which they stand. These champions are the wardens—champions of the wild places, protectors of beasts, and wielders of dread primal power.

Defenders of the Wild: The Warden introduces a new class to the world’s most popular roleplaying game. Drawing from an exciting archetype that dominated the battlefield in a previous edition of the game, the warden class arms characters with magical and martial prowess so that they can carry out their sacred duty and safeguards the lands from the despoilers. Tough and determined, wardens stand ready to protect their allies and their environment from the very worst enemies imaginable.

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