City of Wonder: Lands in Shadow

City of Wonder: Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

City of Wonder: Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGIn the northern reaches of the Confederacy of the Nine Cities sits Lij, the legendary City of Wonder. What began as a haven for exiles and freethinkers from across Rûl has become one of the greatest bastions of the occult in the known world, with alchemists, artificers, engineers, and wizards rivaled only by the Tower Arcane itself—and perhaps not even that any longer, with the decline and degradation of the Empire.

Founded upon its maxim “All things are possible,” Lij offers its citizens great freedom, unlike the flesh-pits of Dis or the bloody arena of Qif. Lij holds out opportunities for endless experimentation, to think up and implement new ideas, and to follow them wherever they lead. This has earned the City of Wonder its name, as occult oddities happen here with the frequency of weather in other places. The innovations created by the city’s unleashed intellects and ambitions are sold far and wide, filling the coffers of Lij’s guilds with coin they use to maintain their influence and exert what control they can over a city that refuses to be controlled.

Welcome to Lij, the City of Wonder, where your most secret dreams and desires are for sale for the right price, and your most fearsome nightmares wait in the shadows.

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