Natural Born Scoundrels

Paths of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Natural Born Scoundrels | Paths of Shadow

Natural Born Scoundrels: Paths of Shadow

Cutthroat killers, confidence artists, daring scouts, and bold adventurers: rogues can be all these and more.

Natural Born Scoundrels explores the rogue path in depth and expands the options available to players who choose it for their characters. Inside this supplement, you will find rules for playing academics, darksouls, and dogmatists, along with all the old favorites.

In addition, this entry into the Paths of Shadow series offers up a set of new expert paths designed with the rogue in mind. The tinker can cobble together enchanted objects from spare parts, while the emissary become a powerful agent of the gods. The options revealed in this book are guaranteed to take your rogues into exciting new directions!

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