Paths of Shadow is a series for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG that is dedicated to exploring and expanding the paths in Shadow of the Demon Lord.

Bred for Battle

By Robert J. Schwalb

In Pursuit of Power: Paths of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGBred for Battle builds on the warrior novice path presented in the main rulebook by providing new customization options for combat-focused characters. These options offer more variety in technique, reflecting the nature of a warrior’s training and providing inspiration for future development.
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Natural Born Scoundrels

By Robert J. Schwalb

Natural Born Scoundrels | Paths of ShadowNatural Born Scoundrels offers up a set of new expert paths for rogues. The tinker can cobble together enchanted objects from spare parts, while the emissary become a powerful agent of the gods. The options revealed in this book are guaranteed to take your rogues into exciting new directions. More info…

Paths of Battle

By Robert J. Schwalb

Paths of Battle for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGPaths of Battle introduces the knight, a brand new path for characters devoted to protecting the innocent and championing noble causes as the Shadow looms ever larger. Do you have what it takes to fight the Demon Lord with cold steel and gritty determination? More info…

Paths of Power

By Robert J. Schwalb

Paths of Power: Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGPaths of Power deals with the sorcerer, spellbinder, warlock, and wizard, and in most cases offers upgrades and enhancements to make them even more exciting to play. In addition, this supplement introduces a new path: the occultist, a dreaded devotee of dark magic, who peers into places others fear to look. More info…