Power in a Name

Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Power in a Name: Poisoned Pages

The Power in a Name: Poisoned Pages

Power in a Name: although well hidden, the existence and power of true names have not been forgotten, and no small eff ort has been made to uncover them as a result. Discovering a true name is no small feat. Researchers might work their whole lives scouring ancient texts, exploring the vaults of forgotten cities, and communing with dark and alien For most, the challenge of tracking down true names proves too great and their eff orts prove fruitless. Player characters, however, venture into places others do not dare, confront horrors beyond the ken of most mortal creatures, and, for their efforts, come across all manner of strange and powerful treasures. Every once in a while, they might stumble upon a true name. Will they dare to speak it aloud?

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