I’ve talked a bit about making characters and the nuts and bolts of the game system. Today, I want to talk a bit about missions and advancement. In PunkApocalyptic: The RPG,your team goes on missions. You might help fortify a settlement against a murderous biker gang, root around in the ruins of an old town for a critical piece of salvage while contending with mutant bastards that want nothing more than to make a meal of your friends. You could tangle with weird cultists dedicated to the god, Tex’co, or go to war against a cell of V Reich fuckers in the ruins of an old shopping mall.

When you complete a mission, you get something for your trouble. At certain mission numbers, you get to make a path choice. You choose a novice path when you finish your first mission, an expert path after your third, and a master path after your seventh. Each choice lets you develop your character in new and different ways, such that you might become a builder after your first mission, then become a wastelander after your third, and go all out road hog when you finish your seventh. Paths have no requirements, so you can develop your character in whatever makes sense in your story.

To give you a taste of the supreme hotness lurking inside this game, here are a few pieces of the builder path. The text hasn’t been edited yet, so be kind!