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Forbidden Rules: Sourcebook

Forbidden Rules: A New Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord! Forbidden Rules provides a comprehensive set of variant and optional rules for use with Shadow of the Demon Lord role playing game, letting you reshape the game in a variety of different ways. Whether you’re looking for a points-based casting system or basic rules to kick […]

French Edition of Shadow of the Demon Lord!

We’re delighted to announce that in addition to the Portuguese edition of Shadow of the Demon Lord being in the works, our friends at Black Book Editions is launching a French translation of the game. You can find the details in French here, but here’s what they have to say in English: As many might already […]

Game Play Focus: Fortune

Making the Most of Fortune by Dan Heinrich with Robert J. Schwalb Shadow of the Demon Lord uses Fortune to award players for a variety of reasons, though most often for great roleplaying, good decision-making, cunning game play, and outstanding luck. Armed with Fortune, players can bend luck to their will, strong-arming fate to serve their […]


Heavy Metal Turn Tokens and Fortune Tokens!

From the pits of nightmare come two black metal tokens for Shadow of the Demon Lord, the dark horror fantasy roleplaying game by Robert J Schwalb! Shadow of the Demon Lord Turn Token, a massive chunk of black metal 50mm across and 4mm thick, with red and white colored enamel. One side is marked SLOW, the other […]