Shadow of the Weird Wizard

Using Tokens for Combat and Magic

Shadow of the Weird Wizard Combat

Using Tokens For Combat And Magic In Weird Wizard

I had been using tokens in Shadow of the Weird Wizard design for several iterations as a handy way to manage charges, uses, and the like. I found, though, that having access to several different token pools, with no way for those pools to interact, created a fair amount of mental load. In the final iteration, I have distilled nearly all tokens into combat tokens and magic tokens. This way, the options for player expression and cool bonuses stay varied without becoming overwhelming.

Combat Tokens

Your paths contribute to your supply of combat tokens. The amount gained depends on how much your path makes use of it. Mages and paths built on the mage mechanics receive no combat tokens, while warriors gain combat tokens at every level. Rogues and priests gain half as many.

You spend combat tokens to perform extra attacks, to aim, perform combat maneuvers such as Distance Shot and Drive Back, or even to deal extra damage. Many talents also make use of combat tokens too. Once you spend combat tokens you lose access to them. When a new combat starts, you replenish your supply of tokens, up to your maximum.

Magic Tokens

Like combat tokens, your path contributes to your supply of magic tokens, again, with an amount determined by how much a path depends on them. Warriors and paths built on the warrior framework receive no magic tokens, mages receive several at level 1 and increase their amount each level, while rogues and priests have access to half as many.

You can spend magic tokens to cast spells without having to expend castings. The number of tokens required depends on the spell level. Magic tokens can also be used to turn a failed roll into a successful one. Many paths also grant ways to spend magic tokens. The rogue gains the Swift Recovery talent at level 2. As a minor action, you can heal half your damage and then retreat. You can use this talent just once per day, but you can spend 1 magic token to regain the use of this talent.

Once you spend magic tokens, you lose access to them until after a full night’s rest.