Paths of Iron

Paths of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Paths of Iron | Paths of Shadow | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Bronze. Iron. Steel.

Humanity tamed these metals, one at a time, as have many of the other peoples living in the lands of Rûl and elsewhere on Urth. While these materials have great use for functions outside of war, conflict drives the enduring interest in the mining and forging of ore into swords, axes, daggers, and many other weapons as well. And people who take up arms to fight against the enemy, to defend their own, or to take by force what they want from others are sometimes said to walk the path of iron, for theirs is the skill of fighting with iron-forged weapons of war.

Paths of Iron introduces a set of expert and master paths that focus on iron and steel. The bulwark masters forging armor and bestowing on it special properties, while the fae scourge seizes upon faeries’ innate aversion to the metal and develops combat techniques to exploit iron’s influence on them. With the options presented in this supplement, your character can take the steps along the iron road.

Note, to make full use of this supplement, you need either Demon Lord’s Companion 2 or Occult Philosophy for details on the Metal tradition.