Q1 with Schwalb Entertainment: What’s in Store?

Schwalb Entertainment Q1 Releases

We have many exciting releases for the first quarter of 2019!


Call of the Necromancer
The first of a trilogy of adventures unlocked in the Occult Philosophy Kickstarter campaign, this adventure for expert characters reveals the dangers of Necromancy. When a necromancer unearths a grave in a faerie mound, he brings down the wrath of the Lords and Ladies upon his head.

Cabaret of the Grotesque
The second adventure in the Dark Magic trilogy, a group of master characters must explore a secret section of the city and all the horrors it contains to discover the fate of a witch hunter and his entourage, while fighting the demons loosed into the world by the Crimson King.

All in the Family
The third and final adventure in the Dark Magic trilogy, a group of novice characters must confront the horror of Forbidden magic.

Lands in Shadow

City of God
This supplement returns to the Confederacy of Nine Cities by detailing Set, a place where all religions, good and evil, have a place.

Kingdom of Skulls
Also unlocked in the Occult Philosophy Kickstarter campaign, Kingdom of Skulls reveals a dark land, crawling with undead, and charged with maintaining the legacy of the Witch-King!

Monstrous Pages

We are Legion
The first of two Monstrous Pages entries unlocked by the recent Kickstarter campaign, this supplement reveals the dreaded broodlings as the ghastly threat they actually are. Including lore, variants, and a slew of new monsters, We are Legion gives you everything you need to make these creatures the centerpiece of adventures and entire campaigns!


New titles for our 5th Edition imprint:

Call to Arms: The Warlord
A classic class returns to the game!

Wicked Bargains
New options for the warlock class!