Feast of the Father: An Expert Adventure

Feast of the Father: An Adventure for Expert Characters

Feast of the Father: An Adventure for Expert CharactersSmall towns and settlements dot the coasts and wilds of the Empire, and the people living in them have learned to eke out a meager existence in what is often a harsh and unforgiving environment. Some people turn to local traditions and faiths to keep them safe, others invent them to suit their needs. One such place is the town of Argron’s Dock, where the locals have taken to worshipping a small god they call The Father. Today is a holy day, a time of great celebration, when the people can give thanks to the Father’s bounty and receive his gifts as they have since they first embraced him as their lord and savior.

Feast of the Father is an adventure for expert characters who happen upon Argron’s Dock during their travels. By interacting with the locals, the group learns festivities are to take place, and the townsfolk invite them to participate. Exploring the town and interacting with the unhinged people living there should provide ample warning of the danger lying in wait. The characters complete the adventure when they discover what is truly going on and unmask the horror lurking behind the god’s mask.

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