Against the Shadow is a cooperative horror-fantasy adventure game set in the RPG world of Shadow of the Demon Lord by Robert J. Schwalb. Using cards, dice, strategy, and teamwork the players fight to save the world.

Darkness falls upon the world of Urth, the Demon Lord’s shadow spreading chaos, war, and madness. The darker the shadow becomes, the worse the world gets until the Destroyer of Worlds finally emerges from the Void to devour and destroy everything. Are these the end times as foretold?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Across the lands of Rûl, great patrons have come forth to answer the threat of the Eternal Shadow in a desperate bid to throw back the darkness and seal the rifts to the Demon Lord’s realm. The Great Druid rouses the forests to fight back against demon and cultist, while the Queen of the Fey rallies the last of her children to stand against the horrors loosed by the growing unrest. These and others come together to find the light that is needed to safeguard Urth for the rest of time.

In this game, you play a patron, one of the great powers of Rûl, working to halt the demonic threat. You do this by recruiting heroes and sending them into deadly circumstances, to defeat demons and the vile cultists who summon them, to slay beasts, and to protect the failing light in the face of the encroaching shadow.

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