Blood Scions - Shadow of the Demon Lord

Blood Scions examines dhampirs, the half-human vampires that lack the flaws in their creators’ form and pose a dire threat to an unsuspecting world.

Men of Gog: Legacy of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Men of Gog draws the curtain back from the infamous Men of Gog to explore their complex history and brutal legacy. This book serves as the definitive guide to all things related to the Men of Gog, revealing their origins, their rise to power and conquest of much of Rûl, their spectacular defeat and fall, and the growing threat of their return. You’ll discover information on what they left behind when they fled into the Desolation and what triggered the relentless march of the dead into the Northern Reach in the years following.

Curse of the Spider Wood | Legacy of Shadow | Shadow of the Demon Lord

Curse of the Spider Wood: Legacy of Shadow

Curse of the Spider Wood | Legacy of Shadow | Shadow of the Demon Lord

As one of the last places to be encroached upon by civilization, much of the Northern Reach still remains unexplored, untouched, and wild. Many areas within it are dangerous simply by virtue of their isolation and the quirks of their landscape, but a few places are even more so, harboring old evils and a darkness that stained the world so long ago only the most ancient and studied historians and scholars can recall them.

One such place is the Spider Wood, a sprawling, thick jungle with a reputation so sinister, no woodcutters have ever dared to brandish an axe within sight of the place. But it’s not the trees nor the spiders for which the jungle is named that make it so nasty—it’s the demon buried within its heart.

Curse of the Spider Wood joins other installments of the Legacy of Shadow by revealing another secret place in the world of Urth. This supplement explores the Spider Wood, the vicious creatures living in it, the demon known as the Queen of Spiders, and the people the demon enslaved long ago. With new monsters, another ancestry option, and a quartet of new paths, this supplement promises to inject new adventure and excitement into your Shadow of the Demon Lord games!

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Black Sun Dawn: Legacy of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Black Sun Dawn | Legacy of Shadow | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGThe Cabal of the Black Sun stands as one of the more recent examples of a concerted effort to forestall death. A society made up of deranged wizards and other users of magic, they plunged headlong into darkness after recovering the fabled Black Sun Manuscript, an ancient tome brimming with evil. Using the writings as the basis for their study, they conducted unspeakable experiments, spawning horrors beyond imagining as they sought to find the key to immortality.

Black Sun Dawn reveals this dreaded society, exposing their mad designs and the deranged products of their wicked labors. With this installment of Legacy of Shadow, you can introduce a new threat, one that would reshape the world into its own vile image.

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In the Emperor’s Secret Service: Legacy of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Emperor's Secret Service: Legacy of ShadowIn the Emperor’s Secret Service reveals a clandestine organization founded to look after the Empire’s interests. Called the Compact, this group strives to maintain stability and stay ahead of the Empire’s enemies. With the Empire in turmoil and the Orc King Drudge seated on the Alabaster Throne, the Compact struggles to put right what has gone horrifically wrong. With this supplement, you can introduce a whole new element of intrigue into your Shadow of the Demon Lord campaigns!

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