This Unwholesome Thing

Unspeakable Things for Shadow of the Demon Lord

This Unwholesome Thing: Unspeakable Things

War defines life in the Patchwork Lands

As bad as conditions can be in the Patchwork Lands, often the monsters with which people must contend are human ones, mercenaries who have sold their swords for the promise of plunder and glory; but travelers tell of other, stranger things preying on the peasants forced at spear point to till the soil and coax the crops needed to feed the ignorant armies that clash in the night.

This supplement reveals a monster based on a great piece of art created by Jacopo Schiavo, who created the image as his first work for Schwalb Entertainment. The illustration shows a thing made of two different creatures, with the upper body of a dragon attached to some quadrupedal nightmare. Who could be responsible for such an abomination?