The Vault Opens

Vault of the Demon Lord for Shadow of the Demon Lord

The Vault Opens | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Including relics in your campaign could change the world!

Even as monuments of other ages crumble to ruin and people of antiquity fade from history, their achievements and failures disappearing from memory, the relics of the past somehow survive. A sword stands embedded in the stone into which it was thrust; a golden ring lies forgotten in some dank cavern; while a cloak, as new as the day it was made, swaddles the moldering remains of an infamous villain. The great magic residing inside these treasures preserves them against time and violence, ensuring they can survive throughout the ages to be found, used, and lost again. Relics are the most powerful items in existence, artifacts of lasting power that can effect tremendous change.

The Vault Opens kicks off a new line of supplements for Shadow of the Demon Lord that describe a variety of new relics for player characters to find, interact with, and perhaps seek to destroy. This supplement reveals details on four new relics: the Apotheosis Engine, the Sky Maiden’s Mantle, the Journal of Doctor Festring, and the legendary Staff of Ys.

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