Demonic Excretions

5th Edition Supplement

Slimes and Jellies and Oozes, oh my!

Slimes and jellies, oozes, puddings, and cubes fill an important niche in dungeon ecologies. They dissolve bodies and gear, and clear away the untidy remains left by explorers descending into the depths. Seasoned adventurers might recall with a shudder those days when an ochre jelly presented a considerable threat, but survival’s demands have helped these enterprising souls discover the ways in which such creatures might be dispatched with little risk or fuss. Lightning for oozes, fire for jellies, thunder for puddings, and missiles for cubes: what does one have to fear from these slithering, creeping things? What indeed?

Demonic Excretions introduces nasty threats for your dungeon adventures, offering you a terrifying hazard and an assortment of foul creatures that could only have been spilled from the Faceless Lord himself. More than just monsters to kill, encounters with these horrors can have lasting repercussions, making them more than suitable foes for adventurers who have little left to fear.

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