[PunkApocalyptic] A******s, M*************s, and Other Folks in Need of Killing

You have to understand that the Wasteland lacks all of the amenities we take for granted in our world. Not only will you not find much in the way of food or water, but you won’t find law, order, justice, or any of that shit either. You got to be careful these days. Plenty of people out there will fuck you over sideways. If you’re not paying attention, the bad guys will rob you, beat you, and, most likely murder you… if you’re lucky. If you’re not, you might become the playthings for degenerate mutants, sold into slavery, or find a nice and slow death with your skin sloughing off the bone, cooking in the invisible fire of the radioactive afterglow of a dead and dying world.

Today, we’re checking out some folks you might run across during your missions into the Wasteland. Hello nurse!

V Reich

No one really knows who established the militarized faction known as the V Reich. Operating out of a fortified stronghold in the Scrapbridge area known as Festung Germania, it’s surmised someone uncovered a vast stash of history books detailing the Second World War and became enamored with the national-socialist regalia they found. Straying far away from the anarch-punk attitude and look of other gangers, they established themselves as a highly-organized, militant, and hierarchical organization. Obsessed with stockpiling arms, they prepare for their eventual genocidal war against their most hated foe: the mutants. Since they had no record of whether or not a fourth reich ever came about, they dubbed themselves the Fifth Reich, just in case.

Losers and Outcasts

Despite their formidable appearance and organization, the V Reich arose from a bunch of losers who had their asses handed to them by just about every faction around Scrapbridge. Fate was on their side however and help lift them from their ignominious origins. In a military bunker they discovered old cryogenic chambers that contained genetically enhanced super soldiers, each stronger and eager to take orders. They became the elite shock troops of the new organization. Then, during a routine salvage mission, a patrol discovered a trapdoor inside the ruins of a mansion, which led down to the private museum of a long-dead Edward Berhart, who was an avid collector of World War Two memorabilia. His collection contained hundreds of uniforms and weapons, perfect for outfitting this new organization.

The V Reich despises mutants and they consider them animals unworthy of sharing the same land as humans. This organization also has the trappings of some fatalistic doomsday cult, believing the true end of the world to be at hand and that it is their duty to prepare for it. The V Reich welcomes anyone in their midst regardless of gender, ethnicity, or sexual persuasion: they just fucking hate mutants.

Members of the V Reich fight with army-grade weapons such as pistols, rifles, machine guns, as well as sabers, knives, and so on. They never use bows, crossbows, blunderbusses, or weird weapons from other factions.

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The basic troopers of the V Reich, the soldats are seasoned soldiers who perform reconnaissance, recovery, retribution, and strike missions. Well-trained, they hold obedience to be one of their highest virtues and follow any order without question.


The übersoldats are the genetically-altered soldiers discovered in a bunker not far from the ruins of the Pentagon. The Reich doctors were able to waken only a few of these improved humans (not mutants!) as most of the tanks had failed or been corrupted. For this reason, the V Reich uses their übersoldats sparingly and never waste them in battle. When deployed, these ruthless stormtroopers cut down their enemies with bursts from their automatic rifles or slashes with their sabers and combat knives.