Genius Loci: Monstrous Pages Supplement

Genius Loci | Monstrous Pages | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Genius Loci: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Genius Loci | Monstrous Pages | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGAncient lore calls them genies, once powerful entities of imagination and creation, now reduced to insubstantial remnants of their former selves, doomed to pass the eons until the end of time as mad, raving things. Their very acts of creation at the dawn of time eventually become their undoing, shattering their minds and obliterating their senses of identity, leaving them forever lost in delusion and paranoia.

Genius Loci examines the origins of the genies, their significant role in the creation of reality and the multiverse, and their present, deplorable state. Like all entries into the Monstrous Pages series, the aim of this supplement is to add depth and character to iconic creatures from Shadow of the Demon Lord to help you develop them more fully as part of your game.

Armed with the contents of Genius Loci, you can bring these esoteric beings to life as allies or, more likely, as deadly enemies!

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