In Pursuit of Power

Paths of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord

In Pursuit of Power: Paths of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

In Pursuit of Power: Paths of Shadow

Magicians display the widest range of capabilities of all characters who follow novice paths, thanks to the spells they learn from the magical traditions they discover. One magician might delve into the darkness of Necromancy, creating undead thralls to protect and accompany her on her adventures, while another could pick up a sword and find the magic in it, discovering the Battle tradition to enhance his fighting abilities.

Until now, magicians differentiated themselves largely by their spells, but In Pursuit of Power offers them much more flexibility and versatility. Now, magicians can swap out the talents they would gain from their novice path for those related to the traditions they’ve discovered. As a magician, your talents could reflect your growing mastery of your particular traditions, providing new choices and abilities beyond those available in Shadow.

If you have what it takes to learn and wield magic, unleash your newfound potential with the latest Paths of Shadow entry: In Pursuit of Power!

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