Demon Lord Companion Preview 3: Master Paths

Last week, I showed off a new expert path and explored the design goals behind the path system. In addition to the expert paths added to the game, the Demon Lord Companion adds a dozen master paths.

Master Paths of Magic

Path                   Mastery

Alchemist             Alchemy spells

Demonologist       Demonology spells

Entropist               Death spells

Medium                Spiritualism spells

Mind Bender        Telepathy spells

Psychokinetic       Telekinesis spells

Master Paths of Skill

Path                   Mastery

Blackguard           Fighting for evil

Corsair                  Swift weapons

Martial Artist       Unarmed combat

Reaver                  Killing

Sapper                  Explosives

Seeker                  Focusing the mind


Demonologists look into places the sane do not dare. Into the Void go these unhinged people, drawn by promises of power, answers to the great mysteries, and escape, perhaps, from the end of all things. For some, the path of the demonologist marks the culmination of a long and sordid career. For others, it is a misstep, a temptation to which one succumbs, inevitably tumbling into a darkness from which there is no escape.

Level 7 Demonologist

Attributes Increase three by 1

Characteristics Health +10, Corruption +1, Power +1

Languages and Professions You can speak another language or add an academic profession.

Magic You discover Demonology or learn one Demonology spell.

Demon-Bound A medium demon dwells inside your body, granting you 1 boon on Perception challenge rolls. In addition, each point of Corruption you gain during play grants you 1 boon to attack rolls and challenge rolls that lasts until you complete a rest.

When you go mad, you gain 1 Corruption. You then become compelled by the demon instead of the normal effects of madness. At the end of each round, roll a d6. On a 6, the madness ends.

Level 10 Demonologist

Characteristics Corruption +1

Magic You learn one Demonology spell.

Accustomed to Horror You are immune to the horrifying trait.

Demonic Compulsion Demons that appear from Demonology spells you cast are compelled for 1 minute.

Demonologist from Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Demonologist Sketch by Jack Kaiser