Bred for Battle: Paths of Shadow for Shadows of the Demon Lord RPG

Bred for Battle: Paths of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord

You asked for it and now you have it!

We’re proud to announce that Bred for Battle for Shadow of the Demon Lord is now available in print exclusively from DriveThruRPG!

Grizzled veterans of countless campaigns, brutish barbarians spilling out from the hinterlands, peerless champions fighting for a noble cause, or hard-bitten mercenaries who have seen it all: these character concepts describe just a few of the possible types of warriors one might find in the Shadow of the Demon Lord. Although warriors might have many different expressions and stories, they all are exceptionally capable with arms and armor in battle. As their experience grows, so too does their durability and dependability. At the outset, warriors distinguish themselves by the weapons they wield and the armor they wear, but not until they move onto other paths do they truly come into their own. Until now.

Bred for Battle builds on the warrior novice path presented in the main rulebook by providing new customization options for combat-focused characters. These options offer more variety in technique, reflecting the nature of a warrior’s training and providing inspiration for future development. Buy Bred for Battle as a PDF from DriveThruRPG!