The Queen of Gold: Tales of the Pirate Isles

An 11-adventure Campaign for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Queen of Gold: Tales of the Pirate Isles -- Adventures for Freeport | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGThe Queen of Gold presents eleven connected adventures that form a complete campaign. You can run the adventures in the order they are presented in this book, or pick out the adventures you like most.

Set in the world of Shadow of the Demon Lord, characters will rise from meager origins to the heights of power as they struggle with evils coming from beyond the world’s edge, a malevolence from which there is no escape. Like other adventures designed for Shadow, this campaign has no expectations for survival or even success, and it’s entirely possible for the group to be the catalyst that brings about the end of all things. But that’s how it goes when you’re standing before the maw of the endless Void that is about to consume the world—and everyone’s looking to you to stop it.

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Quintet: An Adventure for Expert Characters

Quintet: An Expert Adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGThe small town of Flenfeld was a prosperous farm settlement, blessed with good weather and harvests bountiful enough to keep its folk fed most years. But when the characters discover the settlement deserted, with no obvious signs of strife or skullduggery, they find themselves caught up in the dark aftermath of an unspeakable horror.

Flenfeld’s shrine to the New God was built upon the broken ruins of an ancient monastery, beneath which are secret catacombs and caverns long lost to memory. Deep within these forgotten chambers a diabolical evil has bided its time, and is now set to rise once more.

Written for expert characters, the group completes the adventure when they defeat the evil that dwells beneath the shrine. Quintet makes use of creatures originally described in Exquisite Agony and Tombs of the Desolation. The statistics boxes for these creatures appear at the end of the adventure, but you can refer to the publications referenced above for more information about them.

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Beyond the World's Edge: A Supplement for Freeport Shadow of the Demon LordGo Beyond the Edge of the World!

What’s beyond the Auroral Ocean? Where did the human conquerors come from? Is there anything north of the Desolation? What awaits those who set sail across the Nyxian? The answers to these questions and more are contained inside this expansion to the world of Shadow of the Demon Lord.

Each chapter goes beyond the edge of the map, offering a plethora of strange places inhabited by stranger denizens that characters might befriend or overcome. Loaded with adventure ideas and new creatures, this book will inspire Game Masters to take their campaigns Beyond the World’s Edge!

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Demon Lord’s Companion 2: A Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Demon Lord's Companion 2 for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

When compiling Demon Lord’s Companion, I relied mainly on concepts and mechanics left over from the Shadow of the Demon Lord original design. When I ended up with an overabundance of content, it became difficult to decide what would stay in Shadow and what would be held back for future supplements. A great deal of that material went into DLC, while other pieces wound up in Poisoned Pages supplements and sourcebooks such as Exquisite Agony, A Glorious Death, and Terrible Beauty.

Now, a bit over two years and over one hundred products later, my folders containing notes and bits left over from previous designs have grown empty. Rather than despair at such a situation, I took the opportunity to push the game in new directions. I looked for gaps in what we’ve released so far, scoured my shelves for inspiration, and hatched all kinds of oddities while holing up in my favorite bar to come up with an exciting selection of options for players.
One of the best ways to expand the game is through ancestries, since these options can mesh with just about everything else. Therefore, this book gives you six, each a hidden people who have largely steered clear of the major events unfolding in the world. Their scarcity and unusual nature make them quite exotic, and playing these ancestries can reward you with awesome options while challenging your roleplaying abilities.

Supporting the ancestries is a group theme mechanic to reflect the circumstances that hold a group of player characters together and rules to differentiate each group from the others.

As you might expect, this book also provides a selection of paths to cover some underused areas of character creation and development, while also supporting the new spells at the end of this book—all associated with the new traditions of Invocation, Metal, Order, and Soul. So, from invokers to sleuths, fencers to auspexes, your characters have an awesome set of new options to explore.

Demon Lord’s Companion 2 aims to help you tell stories by highlighting peoples of all kinds who find themselves engaged in the struggle to save the world from annihilation. With this book, you can create unique characters, pursue mastery of new and esoteric forms of magic, or hone your talents in new and awesome ways. This book ensures that you never run out of interesting choices to make as you battle the darkness of the Void.

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Caecras: A Lands in Shadow Entry for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Caecras: Lands in ShadowFor over eight hundred years, the Empire has dominated the lands of Rûl. A vast realm of incredible wealth and military might, it grew by conquest, annexing nation after nation, until it stretched from the Desolation in the north to the edge of the frozen wastes in the south, and from the feet of the Shield Mountains in the west to the shores of the Auroral Ocean in the east.

Rising from the ruins of the kingdoms it conquered, the Empire became the mightiest nation in all of Rûl, a power whose fall was inconceivable. But fallen it has as the capital city of Caecras drowns in the blood of the orc uprising, and many of its provinces are breaking away. A shadow now creeps across the land, the drums of war are sounding, and chaos and uncertainty spread like wildfire across the continent.

This entry in the Lands in Shadow series details Caecras (KAY-cress), the crumbling heart of the Empire. In the following pages, you will read about its history and geography, as well as the portraits of important personages. You will also find statistics for common characters, and several new options for player characters. With Caecras, you have everything you need to explore the ruined capital, and make it the centerpiece of your Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign.

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