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Only Human: Victims of the Demon Lord

Only Human: Victims of the Demon LordMore than any other people found on Urth, humans are the most conflicted, the most paradoxical. They can achieve such wonders and yet can be capable of unspeakable horror. They love with a fierceness matched only by their hate. Most have strong ties to their people, whether those people be religious, political, or familial, but are quick to level a suspicious eye at others who don’t fully share their values, beliefs, or ideals. Humans kill more humans than do the monsters raging across the countryside, the demons that, on occasion, slither free from the Void, or the hordes of beastmen that prey on farms and isolated towns. And it is humanity that is most responsible for the darkness that seeks to smother the world and drag it wholly into the Void.

Of all the ancestries available for play in Shadow of the Demon Lord, humans are described as the most numerous and diverse. They are also the easiest to understand. The main rulebook presents everything you need to create a human character for the game with enough variation from the human tables to make each character distinct. However, Rûl is a big place, and it encompasses many variations of humans based on ethnicity, political allegiance, religious beliefs, and more.

Only Human expands on the human entry by providing you with more details about how humans fit into the world, and offers new tables to help you develop human characters with incredible detail.

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Stolen Lives: Victims of the Demon Lord

Stolen Lives: Victims of the Demon LordLife on the Empire’s edges is not for the weak. Danger aplenty awaits those who make their homes in the wild, from the roving bands of brigands—hard men and women driven to robbery and murder to make ends meet, beastmen, monsters, and so much more. All these pale beside the faeries, whose influence on humanity proves far more insidious than outsiders would ever expect.

Faeries can be friendly, helpful even, but they follow inscrutable rules and expect others to adhere to them, even if the ins and outs of their customs are a mystery. Settlers, farmers, trappers, woodcutters and more who live near the borderlands must stumble through the forms and accept the gifts and aid without thanks. And they must offer gifts to placate the mercurial spirits or to make good one act that offended the faeries. However, even when the people do everything right, the faeries might turn against them. Why? Why not?

Stolen Lives details variant methods to allow you to create a Changeling character with even more detail and variation.

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Tales of the Demon Lord: A complete adventure campaign for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Tales of the Demon Lord: An 11-Adventure Campaign for Shadow of the Demon Lord