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The Future of Schwalb Entertainment

Aside from new releases for both Shadow of the Demon Lord and MAXPRESS, I’ve been a bit quiet about what’s going on with the company and my future plans. I’ve been keeping my head down and pounding out the words for the Occult Philosophy Kickstarter and other products, so I haven’t had much time for […]

Cabaret of the Grotesque: A Master Adventure

Cabaret of the Grotesque: A Master Adventure Every city has its secrets, and the one in which Underside sprawls is no different. People make signs against evil and visibly shudder whenever the dark neighborhood is mentioned, for they know it as a lawless warren of the disaffected, misfits, freaks, and outcasts. Rumors concerning the goings-on […]

Occult Philosophy: Kickstarter Campaign

  I’m thrilled to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Occult Philosophy is now live! We’re running the campaign to raise funds to produce a massive tome filled with magic and mayhem. In this book, you find hundreds of spells, dozens of paths, and creatures to do your bidding. A massive expansion to the magic system, this […]