Between Life and Death: Poisoned Pages

Between Life and Death: Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Between Life and Death | Poisoned Pages | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGDeath comes for everyone eventually. Nothing else in life is certain but that it ends. In the lands of Rûl, however, circumstances can sometimes extend existence beyond death, allowing something of the person to remain. Liberated from the flesh, the spirit lingers, anchored to the world by strong emotion, a sense of duty, or some crucial task left unfinished. Such spirits become ghosts.

Between Life and Death presents new options for player characters who have met an untimely death in an adventure. When the cause is just, the responsibility too great to set aside, the character’s spirit can emerge from the remains and continue the struggle to right wrongs, dispense justice, and see the quest to its conclusion.

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