The Gorgon’s Tears: An Expert Adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord

The Gorgon's Tears | Expert Adventure for Shadow of the Demon LordAshrakal the Witch-King had many brides when he ruled in ages past, queens whose beauty and cruelty surpassed any in his kingdom. For their vanity, the Witch-King cursed them to become gorgons, binding them to his will and service through bonds of dark magic. Of these queens, Lachrymosa was regarded as the most cunning, a reputation she secured when she slipped away to the north as the Witch-King succumbed to the swords and spells of the Kalasans. She fortified a place for herself among the petty kingdoms she found there. Over the centuries, she stayed in the shadows, preferring to move her own pawns in the games she plays with her sister-brides across the face of Rûl.

The unrest created by the emperor’s apparent death offers opportunities for even greater power for those with the will and strength to seize it. Lachrymosa, hoping to exploit this time of chaos, has begun the process to undo the curse that weighs heavily upon her, to free her from the darkness in which she lives to stake her claim on the north as a new and terrible Witch-Queen.

The Gorgon’s Tears is an adventure for expert characters that might either introduce a major player back into the politics of the world under the Shadow of the Demon Lord, or strike a blow against the darkness by eliminating her. It makes for an ideal bridge between expert and master levels of play. The characters complete the adventure when they confront Lachrymosa in her lair and either defeat her or join her in conquering the city under which she lives.

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