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Animated CorpseUndead1Shadow of the Demon Lord
BanditHuman1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Commoner or ProfessionalHuman1Shadow of the Demon Lord
CultistHuman1Shadow of the Demon Lord
FomorBeastman1Shadow of the Demon Lord
GoblinFaerie1Shadow of the Demon Lord
HalflingHalfling1Shadow of the Demon Lord
HorseAnimal1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Lash CrawlerMonster1Shadow of the Demon Lord
PatrollerHuman1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Small AnimalAnimal1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Tiny AnimalAnimal1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Tiny MonsterMonster1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Void LarvaDemon1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Acolyte of the New GodHuman5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Animal SwarmAnimal5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Apprentice WitchHuman5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Apprentice WizardHuman5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Burrowing CentipedeAnimal5Shadow of the Demon Lord
GremlinFaerie5Shadow of the Demon Lord
HobgoblinFaerie5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Initiate of the Old FaithHuman5Shadow of the Demon Lord
ManesSpirit5Shadow of the Demon Lord
PoltergeistSpirit5Shadow of the Demon Lord
RedcapFaerie5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Small ConstructConstruct5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Small MonsterMonster5Shadow of the Demon Lord
ZombieUndead5Shadow of the Demon Lord
BrigandHuman10Shadow of the Demon Lord
ChangelingFaerie10Shadow of the Demon Lord
DwarfDwarf10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Fungal MiteFungus10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Grave ThrallUndead10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Hired KillerHuman10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Large SpiderAnimal10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Medium AnimalAnimal10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Medium ConstructConstruct10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Medium MonsterMonster10Shadow of the Demon Lord
MercenaryHuman10Shadow of the Demon Lord
OrcOrc10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Organ FilchHarvester10Shadow of the Demon Lord
PickpocketHuman10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Shrieking EelAnimal10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Tiny DemonDemon10Shadow of the Demon Lord
TroglodyteTroglodyte10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Vampire BatAnimal10Shadow of the Demon Lord
WargBeastman10Shadow of the Demon Lord
WarhorseAnimal10Shadow of the Demon Lord
AmphisbaenaMonster25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Barrow WightUndead25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bloody BonesFaerie25Shadow of the Demon Lord
BoneguardUndead25Shadow of the Demon Lord
ClockworkClockwork25Shadow of the Demon Lord
CockatriceMonster25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Dread MotherMonster25Shadow of the Demon Lord
ElfFaerie25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Emerald DarterAnimal25Shadow of the Demon Lord
GhoulMonster25Shadow of the Demon Lord
HoodMonster25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Large AnimalAnimal25Shadow of the Demon Lord
LizardmanLizardman25Shadow of the Demon Lord
NisseFaerie25Shadow of the Demon Lord
PhantomSpirit25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Rot MaidenFungus25Shadow of the Demon Lord
ShadowSpirit25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Shadow WeaverMonster25Shadow of the Demon Lord
SkinchangerMonster25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Small DemonDemon25Shadow of the Demon Lord
SprigganPlant25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Tomb Scarab SwarmAnimal25Shadow of the Demon Lord
VeteranHuman25Shadow of the Demon Lord
BearAnimal50Shadow of the Demon Lord
BoggartMonster50Shadow of the Demon Lord
ChainboundUndead50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Dire WolfFaerie50Shadow of the Demon Lord
DryadFaerie50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Fungal HulkFungus50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Ghastly ChorusUndead50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Great CatAnimal50Shadow of the Demon Lord
GriffonAnimal50Shadow of the Demon Lord
HarpyFaerie50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Hell SwineAnimal50Shadow of the Demon Lord
High CultistHuman50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Huge AnimalAnimal50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Large ConstructConstruct50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Large MonsterMonster50Shadow of the Demon Lord
LurkMonster50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Muttering MawMonster50Shadow of the Demon Lord
OculusMonster50Shadow of the Demon Lord
OgreOgre50Shadow of the Demon Lord
OozeOoze50Shadow of the Demon Lord
ReenConstruct50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Stone WormMonster50Shadow of the Demon Lord
StranglevinePlant50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Tear ThiefHarvester50Shadow of the Demon Lord
BroodlingMonster100Shadow of the Demon Lord
CatoblepasMonster100Shadow of the Demon Lord
DrakeMonster100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Earth GenieGenie100Shadow of the Demon Lord
EttinOgre100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Flame GenieGenie100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Huge ConstructConstruct100Shadow of the Demon Lord
GiantGiant100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Huge MonsterMonster100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Living TarOoze100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Medium DemonDemon100Shadow of the Demon Lord
MinotaurBeastman100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Water GenieGenie100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Wind GenieGenie100Shadow of the Demon Lord
WraithSpirit100Shadow of the Demon Lord
BarghestFaerie250Shadow of the Demon Lord
BasiliskMonster250Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bone MachineUndead250Shadow of the Demon Lord
FuryFaerie250Shadow of the Demon Lord
Horned OgreOgre250Shadow of the Demon Lord
Jack-o�-lanternFaerie250Shadow of the Demon Lord
Killing MistUndead250Shadow of the Demon Lord
Large DemonDemon250Shadow of the Demon Lord
LeshyPlant250Shadow of the Demon Lord
ManticoreMonster250Shadow of the Demon Lord
PrometheanConstruct250Shadow of the Demon Lord
TrollTroll250Shadow of the Demon Lord
VampireUndead250Shadow of the Demon Lord
DragonMonster500Shadow of the Demon Lord
GolemConstruct500Shadow of the Demon Lord
GorgonMonster500Shadow of the Demon Lord
HagFaerie500Shadow of the Demon Lord
Huge DemonDemon500Shadow of the Demon Lord
Cartul DroneMonster5Tales of the Demon Lord
Cartul IncanterMonster50Tales of the Demon Lord
Cartul SoldierMonster25Tales of the Demon Lord
Cartul QueenMonster100Tales of the Demon Lord
Iron TitanConstruct250Tales of the Demon Lord
Mob of Animated CorpsesUndead5Tales of the Demon Lord
ArachneMonster10Demon Lord Companion
BestiaBestia50Demon Lord Companion
BrownieFaerie10Demon Lord Companion
CentaurCentaur5Demon Lord Companion
MogMonster25Demon Lord Companion
RocAnimal250Demon Lord Companion
SpecterSpirit250Demon Lord Companion
Spider AssassinConstruct1Demon Lord Companion
Slime BrutePlant100Demon Lord Companion
AnubinBeastman25Tombs of the Desolation
CyclopsGiant100Tombs of the Desolation
Death LordUndead500Tombs of the Desolation
Desiccated OneUndead10Tombs of the Desolation
Dust DevilGenie25Tombs of the Desolation
ForsakenUndead25Tombs of the Desolation
Giant ScorpionAnimal100Tombs of the Desolation
Great Horned BeetleAnimal100Tombs of the Desolation
LamiaMonster250Tombs of the Desolation
MummyUndead100Tombs of the Desolation
MurkMonster50Tombs of the Desolation
RevenantRevenant50Tombs of the Desolation
SalamanderElemental5Tombs of the Desolation
Sand Mite SwarmAnimal10Tombs of the Desolation
SeveredUndead1Tombs of the Desolation
Skeletal SteedUndead5Tombs of the Desolation
Vampire BroodUndead50Tombs of the Desolation
Whisper CactusPlant1Tombs of the Desolation
Winter DrakeMonster250Heart of Winter
Cold WormMonster250Heart of Winter
Fragmented PsycheSpirit500With My Last Scream
K8A1Monster100Beware the Tides of Karshoon
Swamp TrollTroll50Wretched
The GunyainPlant250Terrible Beauty
AsraiFaerie5Terrible Beauty
BansheeSpirit500Terrible Beauty
Bean-NigheFaerie50Terrible Beauty
Cu SithFaerie50Terrible Beauty
Elf HighbornFaerie50Terrible Beauty
Elf Knight-ErrantFaerie25Terrible Beauty
Elf RevelerFaerie5Terrible Beauty
FachenFaerie10Terrible Beauty
FaunFaun1Terrible Beauty
ImpFaerie25Terrible Beauty
JabberwockMonster500Terrible Beauty
KoboldFaerie5Terrible Beauty
LaresSpirit5Terrible Beauty
Merrow MaleFaerie10Terrible Beauty
Merrow MaidFaerie10Terrible Beauty
NymphFaerie250Terrible Beauty
PixieFaerie5Terrible Beauty
SatyrFaerie25Terrible Beauty
UnicornFaerie100Terrible Beauty
The Demon's DaughtersConstruct500Oblivion's Edge
Child of the Second GatheringFaerie1The Flute of Farewell
Worm SwarmMonster25The Feast of the Father
Mob of CommonersHuman10The Feast of the Father
Mind WormMonster100The Feast of the Father
Centaur ArcherCentaur10Riders of the Wind
Centaur ChampionCentaur25Riders of the Wind
Centaur Wind-CallerCentaur10Riders of the Wind
GnomeElemental1Children of the Restless Earth
AngelFaerie50Exquisite Agony
BehemothDemon750Exquisite Agony
BogieFaerie5Exquisite Agony
ButcherFaerie25Exquisite Agony
CambionCambion5Exquisite Agony
ChimeraMonster750Exquisite Agony
DevilkinFaerie5Exquisite Agony
FamiliarFaerie5Exquisite Agony
GargoyleFaerie50Exquisite Agony
GauntSpirit10Exquisite Agony
HogmanMonster1Exquisite Agony
IfritFaerie500Exquisite Agony
Incubus/SuccubusFaerie750Exquisite Agony
LemureSpirit25Exquisite Agony
MalebrancheFaerie100Exquisite Agony
SeraphimFaerie50Exquisite Agony
ShedimFaerie25Exquisite Agony
TermagantFaerie250Exquisite Agony
TormentorFaerie100Exquisite Agony
ZeboulFaerie100Exquisite Agony
Memory MistUndead250Freeholds of Nar
Animated BeastUndead25Slaves in Death
Animated SteedUndead1Slaves in Death
Animated HulkUndead50Slaves in Death
Corpse MobUndead10Slaves in Death
Winged HorseAnimal50A Glorious Death
TrowDwarf5A Glorious Death
JotunJotun25A Glorious Death
Son of WinterHuman5A Glorious Death
FossergrimFaerie100A Glorious Death
Ice GenieGenie100A Glorious Death
Mountain GiantGiant1000A Glorious Death
Cold OneMonster10A Glorious Death
Ancient DragonMonster1000A Glorious Death
FenrirMonster100A Glorious Death
KrakenMonster1000A Glorious Death
LindormMonster250A Glorious Death
White WormMonster250A Glorious Death
Sea SerpentMonster250A Glorious Death
WyvernMonster250A Glorious Death
DraugrUndead50A Glorious Death
EinherjarSpirit50A Glorious Death
ValkyrieSpirit250A Glorious Death
BoggleMonster10Odd Monsters
BragMonster25Odd Monsters
BugganeMonster50Odd Monsters
Finger of the Black HandHuman25City of Death
DirgeSpirit10Weight of the Underworld
Grim ReaperSpirit750Weight of the Underworld
Void Larva MobDemon10Hunger in the Void
Brother/Sister of ShadowHuman1Hunger in the Void
Father/Mother of ShadowHuman10Hunger in the Void
Knight of the One True GodHuman50Hunger in the Void
Blessed ChildHuman5Hunger in the Void
NamelessHuman25Hunger in the Void
Philosophers of the Glistening PrinceHuman5Hunger in the Void
Reaver of the Skull KingHuman25Hunger in the Void
Seeker of the Wandering StarHuman25Hunger in the Void
Sister of the Blue HandHuman25Hunger in the Void
Fomor MobBeastman10Hunger in the Void
Fomor WarriorBeastman10Hunger in the Void
Fomor Void CallerBeastman25Hunger in the Void
Warg BerserkBeastman50Hunger in the Void
Warg HunterBeastman25Hunger in the Void
BugbearBeastman50Hunger in the Void
Bugbear HeadhunterBeastman100Hunger in the Void
Void BullBeastman250Hunger in the Void
Demon PrinceDemon1000Hunger in the Void
Salamander ZealotElemental25The Man Who Fell to Urth
RoveenMonster10The Man Who Fell to Urth
Cult EnforcerHuman5One Perfect Moment
Titanic MonsterMonster500Of Monstrous Mien
The Screaming ThingMonster10Of Monstrous Mien
EchinemonMonster10The Knife Before You
Steel SkeletonConstruct50Godless
Flesh StealerHarvester25Godless
Road PirateHuman5Godless
HoglerMutant5In a Pig's Eye
FootmanHuman10Dancing in the Ruins
Titanic ConstructConstruct500Forgeborn and Magicmade
Huge ConstructConstruct100Forgeborn and Magicmade
Large ConstructConstruct50Forgeborn and Magicmade
Medium ConstructConstruct10Forgeborn and Magicmade
Small ConstructConstruct5Forgeborn and Magicmade
Tiny ConstructConstruct1Forgeborn and Magicmade
Flesh TailorHarvester50Horrific Parasites
Humour DrinkerHarvester100Horrific Parasites
Organ FilchHarvester10Horrific Parasites
Tear ThiefHarvester50Horrific Parasites
Fomor JuvenileBeastman1Forbidden Fruits
Kuorne OctePlant25Forbidden Fruits
ViolatorPlant50Forbidden Fruits
Bearer of FaithHuman5Kingdom of God
Hammer of JusticeHuman25Kingdom of God
Keeper of LoreHuman1Kingdom of God
Knight of the TempleHuman25Kingdom of God
Black TemplarHuman100Kingdom of God
Peaceful SisterHuman1Kingdom of God
Poor BrotherHuman5Kingdom of God
Sword of AstridHuman25Kingdom of God
Witch HunterHuman50Kingdom of God
LizardmanLizardman25Foulest Reptiles
Lizardman ShamanLizardman50Foulest Reptiles
DragonmanLizardman50Foulest Reptiles
Horned DevilLizardman50Foulest Reptiles
IndigonLizardman10Foulest Reptiles
OgreOgre50Ghastly Gourmands
BoogeymanOgre50Ghastly Gourmands
EttinOgre100Ghastly Gourmands
Horned OgreOgre250Ghastly Gourmands
OniOgre100Ghastly Gourmands
StalloOgre100Ghastly Gourmands
VodyanoyOgre50Ghastly Gourmands
Press-GangerHuman1Death in Freeport
Orc PirateOrc5Death in Freeport
Yellow Shield ArcherHuman5Death in Freeport
Yellow Shield Foot SoldierHuman5Death in Freeport
Degenerate Serpent PersonSerpent Person5Death in Freeport
Temple AttendantHuman5Death in Freeport
DrakeMonster100Of Fire and Venom
DragonMonster500Of Fire and Venom
Bloodsipper DrakeMonster250Of Fire and Venom
Death DragonMonster1000Of Fire and Venom
Gaping GorgerMonster100Of Fire and Venom
Rime DragonMonster500Of Fire and Venom
Sea DragonMonster500Of Fire and Venom
Hulking OrcOrc25Terror in Freeport
CultistHuman5Terror in Freeport
Brotherhood CultistsHuman5Terror in Freeport
AcolyteHuman1Terror in Freeport
AssassinHuman25SotDL Freeport Companion
BeggarHuman1SotDL Freeport Companion
UrchinHuman1SotDL Freeport Companion
FreeporterHuman1SotDL Freeport Companion
LobstermanHuman5SotDL Freeport Companion
LongshoremanHuman1SotDL Freeport Companion
MerchantHuman1SotDL Freeport Companion
PirateHuman5SotDL Freeport Companion
Pirate CaptainHuman25SotDL Freeport Companion
Celebrant of the Pirate GodHuman5SotDL Freeport Companion
Devotee of the Sea GodHuman5SotDL Freeport Companion
SailorHuman1SotDL Freeport Companion
Sea Lord's GuardHuman10SotDL Freeport Companion
Guard SergeantHuman25SotDL Freeport Companion
Freeport Watch SergeaneHuman25SotDL Freeport Companion
Accursed HandUndead1SotDL Freeport Companion
Alchemist's FaultMonster250SotDL Freeport Companion
BlemmyaeMonster10SotDL Freeport Companion
Brass MonkeyConstruct5SotDL Freeport Companion
BurnlingGenie10SotDL Freeport Companion
ChiaoHuman5SotDL Freeport Companion
Deadwood TreeUndead100SotDL Freeport Companion
Deep OneDeep One10SotDL Freeport Companion
Devil LizardFaerie25SotDL Freeport Companion
Dream ChildSpirit25SotDL Freeport Companion
Fire SpecterUndead25SotDL Freeport Companion
FleshrakerFaerie25SotDL Freeport Companion
ScalewingAnimal5SotDL Freeport Companion
IrontoothAnimal25SotDL Freeport Companion
BlackwingAnimal50SotDL Freeport Companion
Ghost EaterMonster5SotDL Freeport Companion
Infernal AutomatonConstruct50SotDL Freeport Companion
MalkinFaerie5SotDL Freeport Companion
Monstrous ClamAnimal5SotDL Freeport Companion
Monstrous CrabAnimal5SotDL Freeport Companion
Swarm of Monstrous JellyfishAnimal10SotDL Freeport Companion
Monstrous LeechAnimal10SotDL Freeport Companion
NereidFaerie10SotDL Freeport Companion
PicacouatlFaerie10SotDL Freeport Companion
Pit-BriarPlant50SotDL Freeport Companion
PwalgDemon25SotDL Freeport Companion
Reef EelAnimal5SotDL Freeport Companion
Serpent PersonSerpent Person10SotDL Freeport Companion
Valossan MysticSerpent Person10SotDL Freeport Companion
Degenerate Serpent PersonSerpent Person5SotDL Freeport Companion
Shadow SerpentSpirit50SotDL Freeport Companion
SharkmanBeastman50SotDL Freeport Companion
Skin CloakUndead10SotDL Freeport Companion
Spirit LizardFaerie10SotDL Freeport Companion
TaviMonster5SotDL Freeport Companion
ThanatosUndead100SotDL Freeport Companion
UndineElemental1SotDL Freeport Companion
VulpineFaerie25SotDL Freeport Companion
X'svalDemon250SotDL Freeport Companion
Deep DwellerMonster250Madness in Freeport
Unhinged HauntSpirit100Madness in Freeport
Avatar of YigUndead250Madness in Freeport
Brotherhood GuardHuman25Madness in Freeport
Priest of the Unspeakable OneHuman50Madness in Freeport
ManacleHuman25City of Chains
ChainHuman25City of Chains
Bronze EliteHuman100City of Chains
Caliban MobHuman25Caecras
Gray CloakHuman25Caecras
Orc Bone GuardOrc100Caecras
Orc GothiOrc25Caecras
Orc OverseerOrc5Caecras
Orc RenegadeOrc25Caecras
Orc SergeantOrc50Caecras
Orc TrooperOrc50Caecras
Tower WizardHuman250Caecras
RakeshameHuman5Beyond the World's Edge
Rakeshame ChiefHuman10Beyond the World's Edge
Rakeshame ListenerHuman10Beyond the World's Edge
GabalanMonster25Beyond the World's Edge
NephilimSpirit500Beyond the World's Edge
Drowned OneUndead1Beyond the World's Edge
DevourerUndead25Beyond the World's Edge
MospalMonster25Beyond the World's Edge
Bestia ChiefBestia250Beyond the World's Edge
Bestia ShamanBestia50Beyond the World's Edge
UncleanHuman5Beyond the World's Edge
SirenFaerie5Beyond the World's Edge
Sea GiantGiant10Beyond the World's Edge
SysthrenMonster50Beyond the World's Edge
CthonicMonster250Beyond the World's Edge
ApparitionSpirit1Beyond the World's Edge
Living IdolConstruct500Beyond the World's Edge
Shen TribesmanHuman1Beyond the World's Edge
GhastMonster25Beyond the World's Edge
VremenMonster25Beyond the World's Edge
KrinMonster5Beyond the World's Edge
Krin PriestMonster25Beyond the World's Edge
GugMonster250Beyond the World's Edge
Corpse FlowerUndead5Dead by Dawn
GiantGiant100Forces of Nature
Rune-Carved GiantGenie1000Forces of Nature
Troll-KinGiant500Forces of Nature
Flock of Soiled SeagullsAnimal25Saving Face
Jet SquidAnimal25Saving Face
AngelFaerie (Devil)50Quintet
ButcherFaerie (Devil)25Quintet
DevilkinFaerie (Devil)5Quintet
GargoyleFaerie (Devil)50Quintet
SharkmanBeastman50Queen of Gold
VulturemanBeastman25Queen of Gold
Fallen OneFaerie10Necessary Sacrifices
MakraMonster100Necessary Sacrifices
SatchelkinMonster25He Sees You When You're Sleeping
KrampusDemon250He Sees You When You're Sleeping
TroglodyteTroglodyte10Wretched and Unclean
God-KillerTroglodyte50Wretched and Unclean
Slave of AshrakalTroglodyte10Wretched and Unclean
Pale BrideTroglodyte50Wretched and Unclean
Dark SpeakerTroglodyte50Wretched and Unclean
AbominationTroglodyte100Wretched and Unclean
Serpent of the Witch-KingUndead500Wretched and Unclean
AtomyFaerie0Wee Folk
Swarm of AtomiesFaerie5Wee Folk
BauchanFaerie10Wee Folk
BrownieFaerie10Wee Folk
DuergarFaerie10Wee Folk
FenodereeFaerie25Wee Folk
Fir DarrigFaerie25Wee Folk
FuathFaerie25Wee Folk
GremlinFaerie5Wee Folk
HobyahFaerie10Wee Folk
Jack'o'-lanternFaerie250Wee Folk
KilmoulisFaerie5Wee Folk
NisseFaerie25Wee Folk
PookaFaerie10Wee Folk
RedcapFaerie5Wee Folk
SpriteFaerie5Wee Folk
SplitterConstruct10False Lives
DrillerConstruct10False Lives
HammererConstruct25False Lives
HaulerConstruct50False Lives
LoaderConstruct5False Lives
SmelterConstruct10False Lives
ClockworkClockwork25False Lives
CherubClockwork5False Lives
GladiusClockwork250False Lives
AssembledClockwork25False Lives
Tick-TockClockwork25False Lives
ColossusConstruct1000False Lives
GolemConstruct500False Lives
LegionClockwork50False Lives
PrometheanConstruct250False Lives
Grave RegentUndead1000Lords of the Barrows
Wight ChampionUndead250Lords of the Barrows
Prophet of DecayUndead50Lords of the Barrows
Wight WitchUndead50Lords of the Barrows
Barrow WarriorUndead25Lords of the Barrows
DeathlessUndead500Lords of the Barrows
OathboundUndead100Lords of the Barrows
Barrow GrimUndead10Lords of the Barrows
Blight SteedUndead25Lords of the Barrows
ButcherbirdUndead5Lords of the Barrows
DarklingFaerie (Devil)1Scions of the Betrayer
Hellbound DarklingFaerie (Devil)250Scions of the Betrayer
Darkling ManhunterFaerie (Devil)50Scions of the Betrayer